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About Us

Waterdecor is a company built on a strong foundation and holds exceptionally high standards for its products. With a team of engineers and designers closely involved in the prototyping and production of the faucets, waterdecors quality far surpasses what has been the industry standard in the high-end faucet business. Our innovative designs and superior production methods allow customers to receive their orders without the lengthy lead-time that has become a problem in the industry. From the beginning of the production process to ensuring a flawless finish on each faucet, waterdecors attention to detail, service, and quality is what makes our company and products stand out. Our product is proudly made in United States of America.

waterdecor is a manufacturer of high quality fixtures for the kitchen and bath industry. We design, engineer, machine, plate and create high-end, contemporary faucets and accessories.

Specification Accuracy and Assistance
Our dedicated staff assists designers, architects and showrooms in specifying the items needed to efficiently complete projects. We will assure everything is included and right the first time. We can provide product specification sheets as well as CAD drawings and any documentation needed.

Manufactured in Southern California
waterdecor has the ability to customize any pre-existing products to meet customer needs or to create an entirely new custom design. Common customizations include but are not limited to: height extensions, a different style of handle, and the installation of the Radius No-Touch Sensor Compatibility.

Our Award winning and state-of-the-art design and manufacturing facility has over 20 years of experience and esteemed recognition in our industry. We look forward to serving you!

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